2013 NABA-DC Awardees

2013 Significant Achievement

Richard Guest (for his work on the Supreme Court project)

Jeff Nelson (for his work on the Tribal Internet Gaming Alliance)

Sam Hirsch (for his work and DOJ’s work on the VAWA Reauthorization)

Charlie Galbraith (for his work on the VAWA Reauthorization)

Mary Pavel (for her work on the VAWA Reauthorization)

Troy Eid

2013 Excellence in Government Service

Patrice Kunesh, Deputy Under Secretary Rural Development (USDA)

Kevin Washburn, Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs

Craig Alexander, Chief of DOJ/ENRD Indian Resources Section

Rebecca Ross, DOI Office of the Solicitor

2013 Excellence in Mentoring

Dawn Baum

Mary Pavel

2013 Outstanding Member of the Year

Melissa Schlichting

Joel Williams

Patrick Sullivan